First-Hour Series: "The Relevance of Genesis"

September 29, 2019 | by: John Cheek | 0 comments

One of the purposes of the church is evangelism.  If we are honest, we would all admit to be at a loss concerning where to begin a conversation about the gospel.  In the past, in America, Christians could assume that most people had a basic knowledge of the Bible.  But that time is gone.  The best place to begin sharing the gospel is at the beginning…the very beginning.  We desire to be relevant in our proclaiming of the gospel.  There is no more relevant question than, “Why are we humans here?” “How did we get here?”  “What is the point of our existence?”  Every man and woman asks these types of questions at one point in life.  Fortunately, Christians have the one and only answer… “In the beginning God…”

Beginning Sunday, September 29th, we will embark upon a 12-week series on the relevancy of the book of Genesis with Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis.  Along the way we will consider questions concerning the fossil record and the existence of dinosaurs, the flood, the six day creation and more.  God begins at the beginning in His book to mankind and so should we.  Come join us from 9-10 am on Sunday mornings for this foundational teaching concerning our faith.

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