Women's Ministry

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 Women Encouraging Women

God made women with an amazing ability to be helpers. Our ability to be useful is not connected to our marital status. However, fear, at times, hinders our ability to help.

The Bible tells us to fear God, but our responses to life show where our fears tend to lie. Sinful fear deeply impacts us and  can control us. We tend not to obey or trust God in circumstances that overwhelm us. We may even fear what others think more than what God thinks.

In their book Courage: Fighting Fear with Fear, Wayne and Josh Mack encourage us to embrace the fear that is good for us. They show how the fear of God drives out all other fears and lay the groundwork for a strong foundation for courage in every situation.

Beginning September 20th, the 2018/19 Grace Women's Bible Study will meet at the church from 6:45 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month to encourage one another to grow in grace and truth by fighting fear with fear.

Check website regularly for schedule changes or cancellations (holiday, weather, etc.).

Please call 763-245-0455 for more information.