Arlen Freudenberg's Library

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1.  The Seven C's of History
2.  Life in the Great Ice Age
3.  The Geology Book
4.  Dinosaurs of Eden
5.  D is for Dinosaur
6.  A is for Adam
7.  The Astronomy Book
8.  The Young Earth
9.  One Blood
10.  Starlight and Time
11.  The Lie:  Evolution
12.  The Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved
13. Creation Facts of Life
14.  The Answers Book
15.  Why Won't They Listen
16.  War of the Worldviews
17.  The Grand Canyon - A Different View
18.  Fossil Facts and Fantasies
19.  The Stones Still Shout!
20.  Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
21.  After Eden Cartoons
22.  Creation Evangelism
23.  The Puzzle of Ancient Man
24.  From Eternity to Eternity
25.  Refuting Evolution 2
26.  Astronomy and the Bible
27.  The Genesis Flood
28.  The Genesis Record
29.  Walking Thru Shadows
30.  The Mythology of Modern Geology
31.  The Genesis Solution
32.  The Bible Has the Answers
33.  Someone's Making a Monkey Out of You
34.  Genesis and the Decay of the Nations
35.  Radiometric Dating
36.  Darwin's Engine
37.  Canyon of Canyons
38.  Physics of the Future
39.  Age of the Cosmos
40.  The Evolution Conspiracy
41.  Design and Origins in Astronomy
42.  Creation's Tiny Mystery
43.  The Remarkable Record of Job
44.  The Battle for the Beginning


1.  Tools for Teaching:  Fossils
2.  Tools for Teaching:  The Relevance of Genesis
3.  Tools for Teaching:  Six Literal Days
4.  Tools for Teaching:  Why Won't They Listen
5.  Genesis:  The Key to Reclaiming the Creation
6.  Only One Race
7.  The Six Days of Creation
8.  The Bible Explains Dinosaurs
9.  Genesis:  Babel and the Chinese Language
10.  Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth
11.  Why They Listen
12.  Where Did God Come From
13.  A God of Suffering
14.  Dinosaur, Genesis and the Gospel
15.  Jesus in Genesis
16.  Wild, Wild Weather (The Genesis Flood and the Ice Age)
17.  Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution 1
18.  Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution 2
19.  Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution 3
20.  Dinosaurs and the Bible
21.  Starlight and Time
22.  Creation Astronomy
23.  Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
24.  The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye
25.  Old-Earth Geology and Christian Compromise (part 1)
26.  Old-Earth Geology and Christian Compromise (part 2)
27.  The Best Evidence That God Created
28.  Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World
29.  Answers Academy (13 Lessons on DVD)