Men's Ministry/Leadership Meetings



God has created you to be the head of your wife and leader of your home. You cannot escape this assignment. You will either embrace this position and strive to obey God’s directives to the glory of Christ, or you will attempt to abdicate your responsibility to your wife, and both your marriage and your family will suffer as a result. The elders at GCF desire to engage the men of GCF in order to instruct and encourage you in your quest to be the Christian leaders you are meant to be. Part of your leadership task is to instruct your children in the nurture and admonishing of the Lord. Another part of your leadership responsibility is to love your wife sacrificially as Christ has loved the church.

We will be studying subjects that answer questions such as:

  • “How did we get our Bible?”
  • “What does the Bible teach about purity?”
  • “How can I strive to be pure in a sex obsessed culture?”
  • “What does the Bible teach about the 2nd Coming?”
  • “How do I answer when people question the existence of God?”
  • “What does the Bible teach about raising children?”
  • and more.

Sessions September, 2023 - May, 2024